Kitchens in log and timberframe homes

Having recently shared a series of pictures of the finished kitchen for a project in the village of Carp in West Ottawa, we thought a post focused on kitchens would be timely.

Whether you’re a gourmet cook, on the run to put together simple meals for your family, or just grabbing a cup of tea while catching up on paperwork, the kitchen is the hub for most of us. It often wears many hats and has to pack in a lot of functionality while still looking good.

Kitchens in log and timber frame homes have the added focus of carefully chosen wood to accent or even fully define the kitchen. Below are some great examples of kitchens from Kealey Tackaberry Log Home projects over the years.

Carp Timberframe

One of our most recently completed projects has a beautiful custom kitchen with timberframe accents. Read more about this project in this blog post.

Munster Round Log Home

This home is all about the round logs and the warmth of real wood. Read more on the portfolio page for this project.

Carleton Place Timberframe

This timberframe home keeps the kitchen light and airy with white cabinets, pale walls, and light timbers. Read more on the portfolio page for this home.

Ottawa Valley Log Home

This round log home departs from tradition, embracing a bold red and white kitchen with decidedly modern lines.

Mississippi River Timber Frame

This timberframe home in the Ottawa Valley showcases a decidedly elegant kitchen with white cabinetry, classic lines, and modern lighting. Read more about this project on its portfolio page.


What does your dream kitchen look like?

The kitchens showcased here are as different as the homes they dwell in and the owners who chose them. What would your dream kitchen look like in your log or timberframe home or cottage? We’d love to talk if you have a log or timberframe project in mind! Contact us.

Author: Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes

Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes is a family operated business situated just west of Ottawa. We supply and build complete handcrafted and milled log homes. With the use of natural, non-manufactured materials, the homes we build are virtually free of toxins normally associated with new construction and thus provide excellent indoor air quality. We believe in old fashion business ethic. It is important to us that our finished product meets all your expectations. We thrive on establishing a personal relationship with our customers before we build your home.

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