Log Home Stain & Restoration

Log Home Restoration & Chinking

We provide log home restoration services across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Log cabin and log home maintenance services available from Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes include:

  • Log Home Cleaning, Log Cabin Blasting / Media Blasting
  • Existing Stain Removal or Stain Stripping (this includes stain for logs, timbers, and cedar siding)
  • New Stain / Re-stain Application
  • Log & Timber Repair
  • Log & Timber Replacement
  • Log Caulking, Log Chinking or Energy Seal

It’s fairly common for these types of projects to include requests for cutting new windows to accommodate parallel home upgrades or changes.

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Log Home Cleaning, Log or Media Blasting

This part of the process is focused on removing or stripping existing stain.

With media blasting or log blasting, we use dry media (such as corn cobbs, dry ice or recycled glass). This expedites the process and protects the logs from moisture, and is a healthy alternative as these forms of media are chemically inert.

Log Home Staining

We offer stainining services for log homes, timber homes, and homes with cedar siding.

Healthy choices guide our work on your log home maintenance, and products selected will include breathable zero to low VOC products.

Log Home Chinking & Log Cabin Chinking

Log home chinking is a particular method of weatherproofing a log home or cabin with a sealant that resembles concrete mortar. Many of the homes we build and maintain have profiles that don’t support chinking, and we more frequently use Energy Seal when weatherproofing. Energy Seal is often colour matched to blend with the stained log colour rather to contrast it (as is more commonly done with chinking). Talk to us about your log home’s building style and we can determine the best approach for applying sealant.

Log Home & Log Cabin Repair

As log home and timber frame home builders we’re able to undertake complete log or timber replacement as part of any restoration / maintenance project. Talk to us about your log home repairs today.

Project Gallery

The images here show before and after shots for a series of log homes restored and/or stained by Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes.