About Kealey Tackaberry

Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes

Established in 2006, Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes is proud to be the only handcrafted log builder local to the Ottawa area.

Ottawa has a rich history in a sustainable forestry and we take pride in helping to preserve our local forests by advocating sustainable logging practices.

We love using natural, non-manufactured materials whether the project be a simple log table or a large family home.

Our Mission

We see our mission as providing natural and authentic, sustainable buildings with modern construction techniques. The resulting home will be both energy efficient and maintenance friendly, truly the best kind of home of all.

Our Founding Team

Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes is led by the team of Paul Kealey and Adam Tackaberry.

Paul Kealey

Log home builder Paul Kealey

After receiving a B.Sc. Degree from St. Francis Xavier University and a brief stint as a high school teacher, Paul moved to British Columbia to learn the trade of log building.

After a couple years, Paul became infatuated with natural home construction and from that moment he knew, in some capacity, he would dedicate to his life to the sustainable living culture.

Shortly after returning to Ottawa, ideas were shared with Adam Tackaberry and Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes was formed.

Adam Tackaberry

Log home builder Adam Tackaberry

Adam Tackaberry grew up and lived in the Ottawa area until moving to Eerie Pennsylvania where he attended Mercyhurst College on a hockey scholarship.

After graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice, Adam retired from his hockey career to return home and learn the craft of log home contruction. In 2006 Adam joined Paul Kealey to create Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes.

When Adam is not busy building log homes, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoying the outdoors.