Log Home or Cottage Construction

Creating Your Home or Cottage

If you are in a position to build your own home or to make use of local professionals, we can provide you with plans, or plans and materials for your new home or cottage. We can also provide the level of service that best meets your needs. You have three options to consider:

1. Choose a Design

Select a Kealey Tackaberry design from our Log Home Plans & Pricing page.

2. Choose the Type of Log or Timber Frame

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  • Handcrafted (Natural) Log Profile
  • Timber Frame / Post & Beam Profile
  • Milled (Manufactured) Uniform Log Profile

3. Choose the Type of Package

We are pleased to offer three types of service to help you build your new log home or cottage:

Logs-only or Timber Frame Shell

We can ship our log or timber shells anywhere in Canada and the US.

Our basic package which includes:

  • permit ready design package
  • log walls or timber posts
  • 2nd floor logs or timbers [if applicable]
  • roof system, structural components only

Weathertight Shell

We are only able to supply this shell to people within a two-hour drive time of our base in Eastern Ontario.

Our most popular shell including the following:

  • permit ready design package
  • log or timber frame structure
  • framing for gables/dormers, roof system, interior partitions
  • steel roof and gable/dormer siding
  • windows and doors, including exterior trim
  • soffit/fascia

If you would like to leave everything to us, then you will want:

Complete Home or Cottage Building

This service is available for anyone within 2 hours drive time of our Ottawa, Ontario area base.

  • weathertight shell
  • project management
  • foundation
  • mechanicals [HVAC, plumbing, electrical]
  • insulation
  • drywall or pine wall finish
  • interior finishes