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The Materials We Use

Trees are a symbol of us as Canadians and a preservation of our heritage. Canada has 12% of the world’s forest cover. Of this, 90% is Crown-owned, and no more then ¼ of 1% of the forest is allowed to be harvested each year. (From the Canadian Wood Council.)

We have the largest and best managed forest system in the world. On average, most of our trees reach maturity between 150-200 years. With modern replanting efforts, we are presently on track for there to be more trees in 100 years than exist now.

We offer the following wood options for your log home or project:

Round Log

There are a number of species available, your choice including white pine, red pine, white cedar, red cedar, Douglas fir. Round log packages are available in handcrafted [naturally tapered] or milled [uniform] form.

Square Timber

Species include white pine, white spruce, red pine, white cedar, red cedar, Douglas fir, hemlock. Timbers are sized according to application, including:

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