Lanark Ranch

Design for an Open Field

House Plan: Lanark Ranch, 1536 ft.², 2 bed / 2 bath

This simple but clever design came out of the home’s location in an open field with no shade. Wanting to forego air conditioning, the owners agreed that a wrap-around covered deck would be a great way to keep out the summer sun, while still being open to lower winter sun.

A strategically placed gable window facing south allows further winter sun to penetrate the kitchen area on the north side of the home.

Ranch style bungalow of 1536 ft.², with a doubling of square footage thanks to a finished basement. Two bedrooms and two baths.

The heating and ventilation system includes forced air supplied by an interior wood furnace. A walkout door in the basement provides a simple and clean way to bring in firewood.

This home was built with larger average 16″ white pine, which provides exceptional insulation — 25% better than building code.

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