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Custom Homes & Cottages

Timber framed home

Create Your Custom Home or Cottage

Affordable, natural and soundly constructed timberframe and log homes and cottages are what we specialize in.

Build Smaller, with Character

Many of our clients are looking to downsize or simply build smarter and smaller. An affordable 3-bedroom is the most frequently requested. Timberframe, timber-accented and log designs are a fantastic way to create visual ‘wow’ while keeping to a budget.

Your Building Style

Post & beam, log home, log cottage, timber hybrid, log cabin, log home kit / cabin kit, timberframe cottage, home with timber accents – we do them all.

We have years of experience of creating homes and cottages with natural materials, creating beautiful buildings that last.

How We Work With You

Give us a call to talk about how we can work to make your dream home or cottage a reality.

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