Ontario financing options for a log home

If you’re planning to build a log or timber frame home, particularly in a rural setting, you might be wondering about financing options.

Building in a rural or remote setting can come with a list of challenges, including the potential for going off-grid or making use of alternative heating options (wood boiler, masonry fireplace). Not all lenders are equal in this regard. We have a suggestion if you’re building in rural Ontario and need a good option for financing.

Pillar Financial

If you’re building in Ontario, we have a great solution, Pillar Financial Services Inc. Based in Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Pillar is very much a rural firm, and half of its mortgage portfolio is in rural properties in Ontario.

We’re actually working on a project with a homeowner at the moment where they chose to work with Pillar.

Pillar is what we consider to be an “all in” lender. They specialize in off grid projects and are much more comfortable in rural settings where other lenders may be looking for “show stoppers”.

If you want to pursue financing for an off-grid home or for any log or timber frame home, reach out to them.

Tony Cook, Business Development Manager, Pillar Financial Services Inc.

tony@pillarfinancial.ca | 613-229-9903

A round log home with a dramatic stone fireplace

Author: Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes

Kealey & Tackaberry Log Homes is a family operated business situated just west of Ottawa. We supply and build complete handcrafted and milled log homes. With the use of natural, non-manufactured materials, the homes we build are virtually free of toxins normally associated with new construction and thus provide excellent indoor air quality. We believe in old fashion business ethic. It is important to us that our finished product meets all your expectations. We thrive on establishing a personal relationship with our customers before we build your home.

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