The Bunkie: A cottage tradition with new relevance

Bunkies hold new relevance for cottage and homeowners

At Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes, we’ve noticed a trend with new homes and cottages decreasing in size. We attribute this new focus on smaller primary and secondary homes primarily to the rising cost of land, although there is a real attraction for many homeowners to smaller, smartly defined spaces.

In parallel to this, we see that clients are now more likely to have their home or cottage design be dictated squarely by their needs, rather than being driven more strongly by their wishes or desires.

One of the enduring needs that we see is for an extra bedroom for occasional guests and this is where the modern bunkie comes onto the scene.

Ottawa Bunkie construction and design

Building a simple one- or two-bedroom bunkie is a great solution that allows the main home to be designed for the primary occupants. A bunkie can also be considered an additional or future project, allowing the home to be built on a tighter initial budget. This reduced budget can also help make the primary home a reality that much sooner if a bunkie can wait till some point down the road.

New legislation in Ontario now allows for secondary dwellings on most properties, making a bunkie that much more appealing and practical. For some, a bunkie is a great way to generate additional income as a monthly rental or Air B & B property. For others it may create a studio or away space that is distinct from the main building, while for others it will exist simply to accommodate summer guests or year-round visitors as needed.

There is so much potential for a bunkie on any property, especially for those who have always wanted a log home. Now is certainly the time!

Practical considerations

Bunkie construction will still require a building permit if the structure exceeds 110 ft.², and it will also have to meet Ontario building code requirements. However, there are ways to greatly simplify the structure as it won’t require all the amenities of a primary home. For just one example, a slab on grade polished concrete floor is not only simple and inexpensive but can look stunning at the same time.

Bunkies by Kealey Tackaberry

For more information, please see our Cottage Bunkie Design & Construction page, where we include plans for a sweet bunkie that sneaks in at just under 110 ft.², avoiding the need for a building permit. But don’t stop there – we want to know what’s driving your need for a bunkie!

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Author: Kealey Tackaberry Log Homes

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